Audit and Assurance

Knowing your business risks and opportunities is an integral part of your business that will provide deeper insight, help you gain greater confidence that leads to effective decision-making, and build trust as you look ahead to new possibilities.

Our audit professionals will help you build public trust and promote healthy business relationship by providing comprehensive and objective auditing service. By understanding your business risks and using data analytics, we deliver high-quality audits that display insight and transparency, promoting the growth of your business.

General Audit Services
We offer services to privately help businesses across a broad range of industries. Our risk-based approach to financial reporting begins with gaining an understanding of your business operations, risks, and internal control environment. We use our industry knowledge in tailoring audit plans and review processes to focus our efforts on the accounting issues that are most relevant to your business.

Review and Analysis of Internal Accounting Control Systems
One of the main purposes of internal control is to safeguard the organization’s assets and thus address financial statement assertions (existence, rights, completeness, and accuracy). Through our review and analysis of your internal accounting control systems, we can help prevent errors and misstatements of financial statements and provide better insight to the company operations.

Financial Statement Audit, Review or Compilation
Financial statements are a proof that your business is financially sound. We offer financial statement compilation, which is a basic summary of your financial statements written by a CPA without assurance. We also provide review service by performing analytical procedures, inquires and other to obtain “limited assurance.” The audit service includes many of the procedures completed during the review, while greatly increasing the level of work performed to test the existence, completeness, and valuation of recorded financial statement balances.

Agreed-Upon Procedure Engagements
We conduct agreed-upon procedure (AUP) engagement for specific procedures and report findings in accordance with attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The business, often at the request of a third party, selects the procedures to be performed and accept full responsibility for the sufficiency of the requested procedures.